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International Air Transport Service

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International Air Transport Service

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International Air Transport - Safety and Reliability

Our company independently operates contracted Air China, Southern Airlines, Eastern Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines, Xiamen Airlines, Shanhang Airlines, and many other airlines cargo services. Provide high-quality international air transport services for customers, according to customer cargo requirements, we customize priority, standard, economic three-level services, while relying on experienced and passionate team, tailor-made selection of the fastest and most economical flights, the implementation of a variety of all-weather transport programs (door-to-door, door-to-airport, airport-to-airport, airport-to-door) including direct flights, transit flights. Parcel and charter flights and so on.


service content

1 Warehousing Distribution: Whole Warehousing Service, Standardized Service Puts Safety and Prescription First

Cargo booking: Many airlines provide sufficient space for backup.

3 cargo insurance: sign insurance for each ticket to ensure that the cargo is safe

4 Cargo Inspection: Real-time electronic monitoring to ensure that goods are not lost

5 Customs declaration service: Combining various customs declarations to reduce the inspection rate of goods


Business advantage

1 HY International System Services: Building an International Air Transport Service Platform with Internationalized Processes and Specialized Technology to Enhance International Competitiveness

2. Full-range logistics tracking: GPS tracking and positioning, real-time location of goods can be checked to ensure the safe arrival of goods

3 Specialized Management Team: Specialized Team, Modern Management, Humanized Service, 24-hour Online Support, One-to-One Service

4 Preferential Prices: Formal quotation system, the first-level agent to ensure that the interests of customers maximize, reject the middle price difference.

More than 5 airlines: choose the most suitable airlines and routes according to customer needs to ensure the safe and punctual delivery of goods.


Service process

One-to-one housekeeping service, senior professional operation to provide one-stop service safe, efficient and robust personality.

1. Customer inquiry, 2 submission of letter of attorney, 3 examination documents, 4 cargo booking, 4 cargo warehousing, 4 export declaration, 5 bill of lading confirmation, 6 cost confirmation of arrival of cargo at destination port

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